Things to do in Kanha National Park

Things to do in Kanha 

Kanha National Park is one of the finest adventure tourism which is very eye catching and tourists are bound to fall for this as there are certain thrilling activities that excite all young minds. The Literal virtue and the real definition of wildlife are spotting the unique species of birds and animals, camping, trekking, sighting, and rafting. 

The Summation of thrills and adventures in your travel itinerary equals full delight and pride feeling. The Kanha National Park will introduce you to the utmost travel experience by solving your motive endlessly as the outdoor venture you are going to experience is like never before. 

You can also check out some adventurous activities that teach you ample things by exploring these exciting arenas: 

Jeep Safari

Catching a glimpse of furry wild cats, blazing black deer, gaurs, and many more species as you rove through the dense forest of Kanha National Park. Wearing neutral colours for the safari so that you dwell with the animals as you drive slowly in an open jeep. It is possible to take a Jeep Safari in Kanha National Park twice a day for a specified time, which does not disturb the animals at odd hours and increases your chances of seeing wild creatures. You might also catch sight of the ‘Jewel of Kanha’ i.e. Barasinghaif you are lucky which is found here only if you stay cautious and aware of what is happening during your jeep safari.

things to do in kanha
kanha things to do


Nature Trails

To witness the exotic flora and fauna unfold on exclusive nature trails, birding, and cycling expeditions are available for tourists to reconnect with nature and can be therapeutic, reviving your well-being and intrinsic connection with flora and fauna. Such assisted walks through the lush greenery might give you surprises of birds and bird’s melodious sounds you may have never experienced before in the pristine wilderness. You can reinvent and redefine your bond with nature by exploring wildlife on foot giving you a fascinating experience that helps youstumble upon the finer offerings of the wilderness. Adjoining the lodge, the nature trails, cycling expeditions, and birding walks are conducted in the forest with the company of experienced naturalists. Along with these, you can also spend some eccentric moments exploring a few small lakes nearby, the Banjar River along with the Gond tribal villages during these expeditions. 

Sighting the Crimson Sunset from Hilltop

Watching the aesthetic beauty of colours merging in the sky from Bamni Dadar is counted as one of the most captivating spots of the National Park as it is situated at the height of 275 m. above Kanha proffering the bird’s eye view of the expansive Kanha National Park making the place a sight to behold by the picturesque beauty of the crimson sunset from this height. With an unobstructed view of the crimson sky, a hilltop is a great place for some great photography.While you might not want to leave this picturesque spot anytime soon, it is recommended that you don't stay up too late as it becomes harder to find your way back after dark.

Splurging in the Vibrant Tribal Bazaars

Walking through the local market area or haat around Kanha National Park is the best way to get the experience of the local life as you can splurge into the vibrant tribal bazaars where you may find a variety of handicrafts especially curated by proficient craftsmen. In addition to displaying local customs, it also allows you to soak upthe villager's liveliness as well as flaunting a captivating array of displays like local artifacts, tribal jewellery, pottery, fresh organic greens, etc. The Market can easily be accessed on foot or by a bicycle ride or else you can also request a lodge jeep to shuttle you back and forth beforehand.

Exploring Wildlife Richness in Kanha Museum

The Best way Kanha Museum can be described is by fetching in people who have curiosity in animal history and love photography. Your journey through the gallery will be filled with beautifully sculpted species structures, sure to give you a real effect!

From photographs to topographic information, the museum displays every minute detail about the struggle to safeguard the flora and fauna, and how the National Park came to be.Retained with optimum care by the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh the museum adds up to the charm of the National Park. 

Bush Dinners and Alfresco Meals

Relishing an Alfresco Meal while watching the morning sun offer its serene glow upon the forests, or when the evening sinks into the amber sky. Even on a morning safari while chasing the pristine wildlife in Kanha National Park alfresco meals can be relished straight from the grill unwinding with your dear ones under the celestial sky savouring the assorted experience of a Bush Dinners which can be organized only on prior bookings amidst the sounds of the bewildering forests.

Nurture your Inner Child with Workshops

You can relish the pleasures of painting and pottery through the therapeutic and fun workshops organized here which will help you build on a new skill and take home beautiful memories. Various workshops are organized on prior requests proffering a contented experience like painting workshops with Gond Painters, Craft Workshops with Local Potters, and other such activities.

Cozy Bonfire Nights

The Chill evenings of Kanha will let you experience cosy bonfire nights with special arrangements and let you beat the bitter cold helpingyou relax and bond with everyone present sharing interesting tales about the jungle adventures.