Places to see around Kanha

Places to see around Kanha

The Kanha National Park is a plethora of tourist destination places whether you are a wildlife or nature lover or a history buff this place is packed with a lot of attractions to impress you where you can pacify your thirst for touring some stunning places in the diverse state of Madhya Pradesh. You can expect to have a gala time touring the gems of Madhya Pradesh that are in closer proximity to Kanha.

Kanha Museum

One of the important nearby tourist attractions in Kanha is the Kanha Museum which is under the authority of the Forest Department and is an ideal place to grab some information about the topography and other fascinating facts of the park. The Museum displays the history of the reserve and exhibits the skeletons of various carnivores, reptiles, and herbivores creatures sprawled over a large area rendering a lot of attractions for wildlife buffs. Also, in order to offer a better comprehension of wildlife habitat to tourists, the historical centre also contains specimen, a few charts, photographs, and models which exhibits detailed insights into the food chain and the wildlife inhabiting the forested area. The Evening sound show is the major attraction of the museum which is a must-see.

Distance from Kanha Tiger Reserve: 11 km.

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Mandla is one of the best tourist destinations built during the reign of the Gond Kingdomand is well-known for its sky-high forts and holy temples near Kanha Tiger Reserve. The Place serves its visitors with gleaming views of Rangrez Ghat and Rapta Ghat incorporating the catchment area of the quiet Narmada River and its tributaries where the town of Mandla is situated. As the Sahastradhara River encircles this place, there are some splendid views to be enjoyed, which makes this place even more enchanting.

Distance from Kanha Tiger Reserve: 35 km

Kawardha Palace 

The Majestic Kawardha Palace is of absolute luxury sprawled over an area of 11 acres bounded by a green canopy area built with imported Italian marble and stone. This two-storied palace is an enchanting destination offering a panoramic view of the Maikal Hill Range. 

One of the exciting facts about the palace is that this beautiful palace has been converted into a heritage hotel. If expenses are not much of a concern for you then, you can spend a night here without any hassle including an evening bar cum library room thereby experiencing the royal life. 

Distance from Kanha Tiger Reserve: 91 km.


Also known as Teerthraj, Amarkantak is adorned with a rich cultural heritage overloaded with plants comprising medicinal properties making the place interesting from an ecological perspective. The Place is best known for its DudhDhara Waterfalls which have foaming waters resembling milk. There are a few places to see around as well during your excursion like Narmada Udgam Temple and Kalachuri Era’s Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple bragging about incredibly fine architecture along with the spiritual hues for tourists and taking a plunge into the cultural essence of central Indian tribes through the village tourism opportunity. 

Distance from Kanha tiger Reserve: 159 km. 

kanha places
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Jabalpur is often known as the soul of Madhya Pradesh and is the city of coloured marble rocks enticing many travelers. From the famous misty Dhuandhar Falls and Madan Mahal Fort to nature walk in Dumna to Bhedaghar, Jabalpur is a package of captivating experiences with a picturesque view of the changing marbles of 100 feet tall mountains with River Narmada passing through them. Also, tourists coming to seek blessings of the Almighty can visit 10 century old Chausath Yogini Temple of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, the enchanting Gwarighat Gurudwara on the Southern Bank of Narmada River, and Kanchnar Temple. 

Overall, these destinations all together make Jabalpur a place for nature lovers, history buffs, and devotees as well.

Distance from Kanha Tiger Reserve: 164 km.

Bandhavgarh National Park

You must visit Bandhavgarh National Park if you are passionate about flora and fauna and want to add up in your memorable Kanha National Park excursion. The Bandhavgarh National Park is sprawled across 105 km. with varied topography and is the best place to hear the roar of the Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from this, the reserve also entices nature lovers as it is not only constrained to astounding wildlife sightings and safari tours but also for shopping in the Bandhavgarh market area, trekking to Bandhavgarh Fort, seeking blessing from Jwalamukhi Temple, sightseeing at Bamera Dam are few of the top places to visit around and explore apart from wildlife.

Distance from Kanha Tiger Reserve: 215 km.

Bamni Dadar

To capture the bewildering sight of the sunset from Bamni Dadar also known as the sunset point of Kanha. The Place offers a spellbinding view of the picturesque forest as it is the highest plateau situated at a distance of 275 km. from the reserve area where tourists can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Kanha National Park and a mind-boggling sunset view. 

Distance from Kanha Tiger Reserve: 275 km.