Kanha National Park is the perfect place to enjoy the bliss of nature. From every corner of the forest, Sunset Point of Kanha National Park is quite famous among tourists. Here you can see the view of a beautiful sunset among animals like sambar and gaur.

When you are having Safari 

Here's how to improve your chances of spotting a tiger 

1. Prefer to be on the morning safari 

2. Kanha zone should not only be on your priority list. There are, mukki or kisli as well you should go inside the forest.

3. Your guide will take you to the saat number raasta (Road number 7) where tiger spotting is so high.

You can also opt for morning and afternoon game drives. Safari experience is best with your loved ones and you will have full fun where you will be no less than amused wanderers. Spotting tiger is your main aim including tigers including leopards and golden jackals then go through the guidelines.


Other interesting mammals, gaurs, nilgais, sambar deers, chitals, barashingas, blackbucks, muntjacs, and wild pigs will enrich your trip to Kanha National Park

Where to go 

In Kanha National Park forest the routes are precisely organized so that inside the forest you will have full-on enjoyment. They are very profound knowledge-wise about the forest so being with them in the forest will help you venture into the forest of Kanha in the best way. Both core and buffer zone is the spot of best sighting and all sightseers get very fruitful visits most of the time. They are also quite strict in how the tourists behave and conduct themselves inside the core and buffer forest area. 

Lavishing stay

No wonder, there are multiple options for staycation while being in the Kanha National Park. You are all set to have an exotic ambiance and comfy cottages are ideal for your short and long stay.