The Forest Department has provided 900 forest personnel to monitor 940 sq km of forest in Kanha, as well as monitoring the satellite.

The wave of arson incidents during the summer season already started and the hazard can be seen everywhere into farms, plants, barns and you never know when it will be bigger with time. So it will be difficult to control. 

Kanha National Park is on timely check if fire camps and satellites have been monitored. There are 150 camps are set up in Kanha and there are more add on 40 to 45 camps which is extended. 

There are perfect arrangements done by the forest official this is the reason why there is no big incidents yet reported. In the name of arrangements, there are already 900 employees set in every corner. 

Basically, there is no fire incident in the park. If it happens then fire enters the core area from the border of the buffer area.